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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 28, 2012 1:35am-2:10am PST

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reelected will things get better? i said well, only if the republicans start working with the democrats and he said ok. but then he asked me to explain what democrat and a republican was. i had to explain to an 8-year-old our two-party system. i don't even understand it and i had to explain it. this was the best i could come up with. i said well, a democrat is like this really nice aunt. who promises to take you to disney world but then something always comes up and she never comes through. [laughter] and a venn sort of like this really mean uncle -- republican is sort of like this really mean uncle who tells you he can't afford nizzny world but then you find out that he went without you. [applause] craig: cory kahaney, everybody!
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good night. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you're watching cbs 50 eyewitness news in high definition. get ready for the one, two,
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three, punch from mother nature. the timetable for when the rain will arrive. >> paul has the doppler all fired up. first, cbs 5 reporter elizabeth cook is in a part of the bay that will likely be one of the hardest hit. >>reporter: that's right. i'm in one of the areas that paul says will be the hardest hit during the next storm. this is why. once the moisture rolls in, they act like a wash cloth. for the next few days, that wash cloth is going to ring out. >>reporter: this isn't the time to sit back and watch the clouds go by. patricia is loading up on sandbags to keep water out of her home. >> we live in a low spot at the bottom of a hill, so this is
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this is to go around the doors at the garage. >reporter: david manages an apartment complex. >> we took care of the parking lot, made sure the leaves were swept up and took all the furniture down on the decks. >>reporter: it's business as usual at the christmas tree lot at this shopping center. >> we've had all kind of wind storms and rainstorms. people come out rain or shine. >>reporter: jamie has been working at the lot every year for the past 33 years. he says help doesn't need to do much to prepare for the storm. in fact, he says, bring it on. >> a rainstorm is awesome. it helps feed the trees. >>reporter: their same warning. be careful on the roads because the roads are slick and load up
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on the sandbags. the rain is about to dominate, but paul says there's is something else going to grab your attention. >> we'll be hearing rain but also the wind. there's a wind advisory in effect for the bay area with a high wind warning. wide-spread wind guests around 35 miles per hour. here's a look at cbs high def doppler. this is batch of rain coming. this is beginning. we have testify pineapple -- we have the pineapple express. e the bullseye of that. the let's take a look at futurecast. look at this rainfall, by
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friday, three to six inchesover rain with rain continuing through the weekend. by the end, some may see up to a foot of rainfall. you can track this rainfall 24 hours a day at our website. not something you want to see at a spot light. a guy in the car next to you aiming a gun to you. kristen shows us what that looks like. >>reporter: the man and his wife are recording when the gunman pulls up. there are words. watch as one points the a hand gun. police say the men were reckless drives out for revenge. they wanted the couple's very well phone, which the couple had used to record them driving
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erratically. the woman in the car calls police. the man drives the off and so does the couple. the drove drove off and the gunman followed him. one of the suspected jumped inside the car. >> the husband gets in a struggle with the suspect. the husband pushes the suspect out and those the wife to drive out. >>reporter: as the couple drove off, the men fired. thanks to the video, police were able to chase down the suspects. >> one of our officer were viewing the video and recognized one of the suspects. >>reporter: police quickly found them, lost them, the and later arrested them. they're facing charges. police said the couple were trying to do the right thing,
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never guessing how terrifying it could turn. xheed yen cat williams is on the in trouble again. he was seen driving on the sidewalk sunday. this is the latest in the series of problems for the comic. he was arrested for assaulting a fan in oakland 12 days ago and is being sued by fans the fwhar they say i a bizarre on-stage melt down. the 15-year-old suspect in a deadly the crime spree will stand trial as an adult. plus say that he and a 26-year-old rob aid string of san jose businesses before
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killing a 22-year-old for his car. the crime spree left the officer hurt. the state is broke. uc students and their campuses are struggling, so this came as a bit of surprise today. they will pay the new chancellor, $486,000 a year, which is 50,000 more than the current chancellor makes. extra money will come from private donations. that has a lot of people upset tonight. >>reporter: it certainly does, dana. he is the 10th chancellor. his name is nicholas dirk and making 50,000 more than his predecessor. it's feeling fire tonight at protestors. >>reporter: 5:30 tonight, police show us to a hall where students
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have chained themselves inside. their administration demonstration is -- demonstration is protesting lowy to barge in. they will seriously injure or kill these students. >>reporter: this man says the 50,000 pay increase isn't sitting well with many students the on campus. >> now you see there's no money. you have to raise your fees again by 24% over the next four years but we have enough noun give a raise of salary to a chancellor. . >> that is uncalled for. >>reporter: governor jerry brown is also opposing the salary, despite the $50,000 increase coming from private donors. >> he should lead by good example. leading by good example would be
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not taking this particular raise, telling the students we're with you and we want you to have the very best. >>reporter: the students the tonight sixth floor did come down peacefully about an hour ago, no arrests, no incidents the and hoping the chancellor will follow through with his open-door policy so they can walk through the door and talk about their needs. susan rice met with her republican critics on capitol hill today and it did not go well. three sunshines who had been critical of her comments after the attack in libya were not satisfied with her explanation. she said those were the talking points u.s. intelligence gave her. >> we're going to get to the bottom of thchl we have to have
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a system we trust. >> senator john mccain said he remains troubled with what she said and what she did not say. she needs the support if chosen to become the next sex tear of state. breaking news of the a san francisco. a fire tore through a home on capitol avenue. fires got it under control. how can you be in two places at the same time? the politician in the hot seat over an expense report. it's an episode he wants to forget. how an actor two,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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puzzle that left even einstn stumped. how to be in two places at once. well, accorg to his expense reports, he's n once. a bay-area politician may have solved and age-old puzzle, how to be in two places at the same time. according to his expense reports, he managed it more than once. >>reporter: george has been an advocate for -- >>reporter: rich robinson advised stepped down. >> this is a repeated violation.
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once that occurs, there's no geanigea -- geanie in a bottle. >>reporter: he's being investigator investigated for misuse of funds for lavish meals and luxury car rentals. he blamed the media. >> i don't know want you to be distracted today by the media. >> there's a blaring in the community right now. >>reporter: one new area of focus are travel expansions. last year, he reportedly billed tax payers for his upgraded stay in washington the night after
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his official i ten itenerary had his flying him. >> this is like washing a train wreck. >>reporter: he promised the community that he would have a lot more to say about these allegations but apparently today is not the day. his office did not return our phone calls. actor angus t. jones is singing a much different tune tonight a day after a video was posting, showing his bashing his popular cbs sitcom two and a half men. >> if you watch two and a half men, please stop watching two and a half men. >> tonight, cbs reporter teresa garcia says he's not
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apologizing. >>reporter: teen actor an discuss angus t. jones a-- angus t. jones is apologizing after a video showing him bashing his hit show two and a half men. the 19-year-old was apologizing for the video posted on youtube by a religious production. the recently converted seventh day adventist appears next to a spiritual guide. >> i'm on two and a half men. i don't won't to be on it . >>reporter: in his apology, he goes on to thank the creators and warner brothers television. it's unclear what effect jones'
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comments will have on the show, which is shot here. his character joined the army this season and has had less springtime. also, two and a half men goes on a holiday hiatus next month. >>reporter: the young act corr is in a contract that pays him around 8 million per year. a quick-thinking by a san jose school bus driver saved a disabled stay tunes the life after the bus burst into flames. >> it's amazing. look at the photo. the bus cause caught fire this morning -- caught fire this morning. there was one student on board and was strapped to a school bus. she unbuckled the student,
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scooped her up, and carried her out to safety. >> she did everything perfect above and beyond. when i asked her what were you thinking, he said i wasn't. i was just thinking the about this presentation precious wild that this -- precious child that had to get s off the bus. paul, give us the rest of the story. >> this story is going to take a while, about five days to unfold. by this time next week, we'll have this in the rear-view mirror. it's going to be a wet week. flooding rainfall, it's coming. the latest computer model information says the flooding rain is on the way, likely beginning thursday night. that's when the heaviest of the
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rain aroois. look at -- arrives. look at this great shot. the nearly full moon was out, bay bridge looking gorgeous. let's talk specifics now. we're talking about a lot of rainfall here, clear lake, sick to seven inches of rainfall. san francisco, anywhere of a quarter of foot to a half of a foot of rain. walnut creek, three to five inches, most falling between friday to sunday. here comes the first wave. i need to you remind you that's the only radar in the country that the weather service also relies on. windy tomorrow morning, wind guests 30 to 35 miles per hour. the wind will be strong errs at the coast. so blustery tomorrow. a series of low pressure areas. one piece of this, tropical
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moisture. it's here in the pacific. another piece, parking in the perfect spot to block the i'm in and shove it to the coast. we're going to be the bullseye. it's good to be a go ahead two to three days of a good soaking rainfall. it's going to pour and that's going to cause flooding problems. it will be windy and wet tomorrow morning then the rain comes back thursday. tomorrow, low to mid-60s, san francisco 63. what we'll remember is the wind tomorrow morning. oakland, 64. we get the break early thursday. thursday night, the rain is here. the rain been here through the weekend and it will clear out for next week. it's going to be soggy for several days. we'll get through it but several
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inches of rainfall and flooding concerns. be prepared. dress for it, prepare for it. if you are sick,,,,,,,,
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service. cell phone companies have come up with an unusual way to keep one demands for their service. >> cbc 5 reporter mike on the deal they are making with the higher power. >>reporter: there never seems to be enough cell coverage for all phones we're using. you may have a nice, clear conversation but often times the call breaks up and you can hardly hear it from the other side. people wants lots of antennas but don't want them in their neighborhood and certainly don't want to see them. your prayers may have been answered. churches make a wonderful location for a cell site.
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people don't like the obvious ones. this pastor says they make upwards of 30 -- 30,000 dollar lawyer a year fora site in the steeple. cell companies love them. >> it's up in the air. you have nice location on it. it's giving good connectivity. >reporter: that's the latest place powers are hidden in place site. they're disguised as trees. >> churches had could be unduly influenced by these contracts. >>reporter: this woman worries >>reporter: this woman worries it could h,,,,,,,,,,,, lots of prepaid cards
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the next well, it looks like bat man and robin will be manning the 49ers linebacker core for the next few years. bowman will drive a contract expansion. he leads in tackles. by reupping bowman, him and lewis are arguably the most
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dynamic due woe in football -- duo in football. >> i wasn't mad about getting paid for man pat. he's my brother. he play together, we play close together and making almost the same amount of money. i'm happy about it. now the bad news, running back kendall is out for season with a torn acl. he was injured on the same play that receivers kyle tore his acl. there's michael james and a.j. jenkins. the former raiders coach told the bay area news today that cal was a golden opportunity. he said he had not been contacted by cal but the school had been targeting him as a possible replacement. the a's are getting into the
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holiday spirit of giving. the team announced today they will be donating a full playoff share to charity. this idea was apparently that of johnny. i have in my and the tuesday night top five. jason scores a goal five seconds in overtime. this is better. the bakers field goal sets off a teddy bear toss, 7,000 bears thrown on the ice. at number three, check thought kid's shot. he's eight years old. you know who it is? lebron james, jr. this one, the
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chief decided to get manning's autograph. >> it's peyton manning. who wouldn't want a picture. if you had an opportunity, would you take it? >>reporter: i'd like it. >> he's he's got,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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